St David’s Day – Facts and Celebration Ideas

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Welsh flag - St David's Day - Facts and Celebration Ideas

Today is the day we don our daffodils, the children wear red to school and we celebrate our Welshness. Find out more about our Patron Saint and how to celebrate in our special St David’s Day blog.

We celebrate St David’s Day on 1st March every year but have you ever thought who this saint was? Why we celebrate him?

8 Facts About St David

  • 1st March is the date that St David died in the year 601. The national day for Wales has been celebrated since the 18th Century.
  • St David was a monk that founded a Celtic monastic community at Glyn Rhosyn (The Vale of Roses) in Pembrokeshire and this is the spot where St David’s Cathedral stands today
  • St David was famous among Christians for being a teacher, for his self-discipline and his ability to avoid all forms of indulgence.
  • Legend says St David performed miracles – restoring sight and bringing people back to life.

  • One day while he was preaching a white dove landed on his shoulder. The ground rose beneath him so that people could hear him better. The white dove has become his emblem.
  • The leek is one of the emblems of Wales because St David advised soldiers to wear leeks in their hats to avoid friendly fire during a battle against the Saxons.
  • The Catholic Church recognised his work founding monasteries and spreading Christianity across the continent, and made him a Saint.
  • St David has his own flag, a yellow cross on a black background.

8 Ways To Celebrate St David’s Day

  • Host your own Eisteddfod with the kids, encourage them to sing, dance, and recite poetry.
  • Have a Welsh themed tea with Cawl (stew), Welsh Rarebit, Bara Brith and Welsh Cakes (click each one to for recipes).
  • Wear traditional costumes. Boys wear a white shirt, black trousers and a waistcoat. Girls wear a petticoat, overcoat, bonnet and a tall hat. Or wear a Welsh football or rugby shirt. And if you have none of these, just find any red pieces of clothing.
  • Go out into the garden and pick a daffodil, or pick a leek from the supermarket, and wear them with pride.

Happy St. David’s Day from the Family Point Team

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