Submit An Article To FamilyPoint Cymru

Are you a keen blogger, creative writer or just eager to share your experiences of being part of a family in Wales?

Then submit something to FamilyPoint Cymru!

As well as articles written by us and partner organisations, most importantly we want to read what you have to say in our articles section. We are looking for contributors, so if you fancy writing for FamilyPoint Cymru let us know.

Do you have some top tips that can help other families in Wales? Want to vent some steam and have a rant? Been somewhere so amazing that you just have to share it with someone? FamilyPoint Cymru is your site and we want your news, views and opinions.

Want to get started? Simply email your article and any pictures that you have to and we’ll do the rest.

We will credit you at the end of your article with a mini bio and link to your blog (if you have one). Regular contributors will be invited to a closed Facebook editorial page where there will be the chance to pick up freebies for review like family event press passes, books, DVDs, cinema tickets and more. To get involved email or call 029 2045 0460.

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FamilyPoint Cymru Style Guide

This simple guide is for professionals and organisations wishing to submit content to FamilyPoint Cymru.

Should you require more in-depth information regarding submissions and FamilyPoint Cymru in general, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions, Terms And Conditions and [Acceptable Use Policy].

What can I submit?

Content for families, as long as it is bespoke to FamilyPoint Cymru and written in a family-friendly tone. Remember that our target audience is families in Wales, and not partner organisations. Our clients have little interest in professional agendas and would like information beneficial to them in its simplest form. Please avoid industry terms or jargon. Acronyms must be written in full – and if necessary explained – the first time they are used in an article.

What can’t I submit?

Anything previously published, or copied and pasted from anywhere else, including press releases and policies. We have an experienced team of copywriters who can turn your projects into engaging articles – contact us at or on 029 2045 0460.


Nothing submitted to FamilyPoint Cymru goes live until it has been checked and approved by our content team. Where possible we will always put your article live, but occasionally we will contact you if something is unsuitable or unclear.


Why would families want to read your article? Is it engaging and informative? Does it benefit them in any way? Would you read it yourself? These are all things worth knowing before starting. While we appreciate you may have a survey that needs completing by families in order to benefit your project, please think about why people would spend time doing it (an incentive for them often helps!).

Word count

Although there is no set word count for articles, if you’ve only written a few sentences it will be too short for publication. As a rough guide aim for 300 words for a standard article and 800 words for a longer feature – but keep your readers engaged.

Copying & Pasting

Please don’t copy and paste more than a few words of text from other websites, as this is plagiarism. The exception is when using a quote from someone, but put the name of the website used (in brackets) after the quote.


If you have links you wish to see in your article, you can list them at the end of your article and we’ll hyperlink them with the relevant text.


If you’re from an organisation your article will need to be submitted in Welsh and English. We can help with providing a translation service – please email or call 029 2045 0460.


You will need to provide at least one high resolution image in JPG format to go with your article, ideally around 800 pixels. You will need to own the image, or have permission from the photographer or copyright owner.

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