The Joy of Frozen Peas

Health | by | 11th Sep 2015

Five-a-day is what they say, but managing to keep all the plates spinning in our hectic lives can mean that eating right and eating well can be one of the first bits of crockery to smash all over the floor.

Three peas in a pod on a white person's left palmPeas though. Frozen peas are the key. Keep a bag in the freezer. They go with pretty much everything, cook in no time, are fun to eat for the young ‘uns, make excellent foodie missiles when flicked (hmmm maybe that’s not such a bonus) and are nutritious and delicious – vitamin K is the big boon here and helps build bones.

Looking for some recipe ideas? Bon Appetit have got you covered. My tip? I love having noodles for lunch – not the most nutritious thing but damn handy if there’s only a kettle nearby – and I always pack a little pot of frozen peas to pop in with them to up the healthiness.

Olaf the snowman from frozen poking his head our of a snowy roofOff to the park soon? Peas are what you’re meant to be feeding to the birds down the pond instead of stale bread. Kids still reluctant? Say they’re called frozen peas because they’re Olaf’s favourite veg (after carrots obvs). Ducks and Disney – a winning formula!

If you want to try the real thing, fresh peas are at their freshest in the early summer. Sweetcorn is also a useful thing to have around but frozen peas sound funnier and can be flicked further… but that might just add another plate to ones already spinning. Peas forgive me.

For more info on healthy eating, check out NHS Direct Wales

Photo Credit: summersumzEva the Weaver and Castles, Capes & Clones via Compfight cc

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