Why Time Credits Are Valuable

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Time credits infographicWhat are Time Credits? Our guide explains them, as well as sharing Caroline from Cardiff’s experiences of Time Credits and exploring where in Wales can you get and spend them…

Time Credits are a way for organisations to say thank you for volunteering with them. For every hour you give to your community or to a service, you earn 1 Time Credit as a way of recognising the time you have given.

You can then use the Time Credits you’ve earned to do all sorts of things for free, such as go to the cinema, watch your local football team or go on a trip. Click here for a full list of all the ways you can spend your Time Credits.

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Time Credits is run by Spice all over the UK, that’s why the below video if from BBC Look East, but it’s a really good introduction to the scheme and the thinking behind it.

Here’s a personal story from Caroline who volunteers with ACE – Action for Ely & Caerau – in Cardiff about Time Credits…

My story starts about five years ago. Within one week I lost my grandmother and my relationship with my partner broke down.

After this happened I spiralled into a deep depression. Some days I was not able to get out of bed and I didn’t leave the house for days.

After seeking help from my doctors after a few months, I started to realise the impact this had had on my children, of which I have 3 girls. So I started to look for something to get me out of the house but also something my children could be involved in.

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I found a local litter pick that was happening close to where I live and went along. At the end I was handed some Time Credits. But not really knowing what to do with them I put them in my purse until we went to our next litter pick when everything was explained to me how Time Credits work. Since then my girls and I have a totally different outlook.

My life and health have improved dramatically

I have been involved in many different events that have been put on either through ACE or Spice. I’ve had to get up and speak to about 200 people, which would never have happened a few years ago as my confidence was at an all time low. I’ve participated in many courses which has been fantastic. Also I’ve been a member of the ACE steering committee for a while now and I’ve just started to volunteer with ACE one day a week too.

My life and health have improved dramatically, my medication has been reduced with a view to not have a need for them at all very soon. But my biggest achievement is seeing my children proud of me for what I’m doing. This would never have happened if I didn’t have the support and guidance from ACE and Spice which I am very grateful for.

Where can you get Time Credits in Wales?

Spice currently operate in south west and south east Wales, though they plan to have an all-Wales program in 2017. The areas they work in at the moment include Carmarthenshire, Cardiff, Newport, and Pontypridd. Click here for information on volunteering opportunities and where you can spend your Time Credits! If you have any queries about Time Credits, contact Becky Jones on beckyjones@justaddspice.org

Do you have any experiences of Time Credits? Share your story in the comments below or submit an article!

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