Top Ten Tips to Save Water and Energy

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Running tap - Top Ten Tips to Save Water and Energy

Struggling with your energy or water bills? Living in a cold home or finding it hard to keep your home warm and cosy?

FamilyPoint has teamed up with Resource Efficient Wales to bring families in Wales some handy tips to save water and energy.

Resource Efficient Wales is a Welsh Government information service on resource efficiency. They can provide you with information and support on reducing energy, waste and water.

Ten tips to reduce water usage and lower bills

  1. Fit a water efficient shower head. Using a modern energy efficient shower head can use up to 50% less water without sacrificing shower pressure. This can reduce your water use and reduce the amount of water you need to heat for your shower.
  2. Use a bowl in the sink when washing fruit, vegetables or dishes. You can then use the waste water to water your plants.
  3. A full load uses less energy than two half loads when using a washing machine, tumble drier or dishwasher.
  4. A dripping hot water tap wastes energy so fix leaking taps and ensure they are fully turned off.
  5. Don’t leave taps running whilst brushing your teeth or washing your hands.
  6. Take a shower instead of a bath.
  7. Use a water saving device in your toilet cistern – some water companies provide these at a discounted cost or for free.
  8. Check with your water provider for any free kit that they may be promoting such as a lagging kit to prevent your outdoor tap from freezing during winter.
  9. Ask your water provider if you are eligible for a social (reduced) tariff/bill.
  10. Check with your water provider if you should be on the priority services register. This means that you will be a priority if there is a break in service provision.

Ten tips to keep your home warm and save energy

  1. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water that you need.
  2. Turn your thermostat down – reducing you room temperature by 1°could cut your heating bills by up to 10% and typically save £65 a year.
  3. If you have a programmer, set your heating and hot water to come on only when it’s required rather than all the time.
  4. Closing doors will help to keep heat in the rooms you use most.
  5. Ensure radiators in rooms are not obstructed by curtains or furniture to ensure maximum heating is retained in a room.
  6. Open your curtains in the day to allow in warmth and daylight. Close your curtains at dusk to stop heat escaping through the windows and check for draughts around windows and doors. Use draught proofing to seal gaps around windows and doors.
  7. Painting your walls and ceilings in lighter colours can help keep the room lighter by reflecting more light. Using transparent shades and keeping them clean can help to improve the light in a room and save money.
  8. Don’t dry clothes on the radiators. Bleeding radiators regularly will remove excess air that prevents them from working efficiently.
  9. Replace old light bulbs with new CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) or LED light bulbs.
  10. Leaving your phone on charge overnight can reduce the battery life and waste electricity. So make sure you unplug it when it has charged.

Smart meters

Between now and 2020, every home in Wales will be offered a smart meter. Smart meters mean no more estimated bills, so you only pay for gas and electricity you actually use. They also help you keep track of what you’re using and how much you currently owe in pounds and pence. Your energy supplier will provide and fit your smart meter at no extra cost.

If you would like any further information on how to reduce your use of resources to save money or to discuss any of the information below, you can ring Resource Efficient Wales on 0300 123 2020.

FamilyPoint Helpline

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