Universal Credit In Wales Explained

Money | by | 28th Jun 2016

Universal Credit in Wales

The roll out of Universal Credit across Wales is raising lots of questions. Watch our videos to get to grips with UC.

Universal Credit (UC) is a topic that is on the minds of a lot of families in Wales. We get a lot of calls on our helpline about it, as well as talking to people about benefits in general.

So we decided to head down to Cardiff Central Library Hub to talk with Helen Evans. She is the Advice Manager of the Money Advice Team and Helen explains how Universal Credit works, who can claim it, what it replaces and much, much more.

Watch all the videos in a playlist here, or pick and choose the ones that most interest you below…

What are Tax Credits?

What is the difference between Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit?

What is Universal Credit?

When will Universal Credit become a Wales-wide service?

Why can’t I claim Tax Credits and Universal Credit at the same time?

Does Universal Credit have to be paid monthly into a bank account?

Can I only apply online for Universal Credit?

What is the housing part of Universal Credit?

How does the youth obligation affect young people’s benefits?

My youngest child has a disability. Will his Disability Living Allowance (DLA) be affected?

Hopefully these videos have answered some of the questions you may have about Universal Credit and how it may affect you as it is rolled out across Wales. If you’d like more info on it, please head to Gov.UK. Currently only single applicants and those in certain post codes can apply for UC, click here to check eligibility and here to apply for it.

If you’d like to find out about services and schemes available to you and your child in your area. You can also get in touch with the FamilyPoint Cymru helpline if you would like to chat about family matters in general:

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