Walk To School: 5 Games To Play Along The Way

Education Health News | by | 3rd Oct 2016

Father and son for Walk to School

October is International Walk To School Month! So here’s 5 fun games you can play with the kids along the way to make it super fun.

Walking to school is the healthiest and cheapest form of school transport. It may not suit everyone, especially if you live far from your local school or if it’s a struggle get everyone ready in time. Yet if you can encourage your children to walk to school, the health benefits of this good habit could last a lifetime.

One of the best ways to encourage exercise and physical activity is to make it fun, so here’s five ways to do it. Most come from Change 4 Life‘s Walk4Life and a few from personal experience.

1. I Spy

The classic. El classico. See something, let the players know what letter it begins with and off you go! You can make it more of a challenge with more rules. Such as the object has to start with the same letter as your name. Additionally you can make the game even harder with ‘plants only’ rules or ‘wildlife only’ rules.

yellow car for walk to school article

2. The Yellow Car Game

The first person to see a yellow car gets a point, the person with the most points wins! If the walk to school is a bit short, or you haven’t seen a yellow car for a couple of days, then pick a more common colour.

3. Snakes & Flowers

If you pass through a park on the way to school, why not give Snakes & Flowers a go? This involves collecting leaves of different colours. When you have a few, arrange them into a snake or a flower. You can pin the leaves together using their stalks if it’s a bit windy.

Odd conker for walk to school

4. Conkers

Children have to wear googles to play conkers? The Health & Safety Executive says it’s a myth, and it even makes the number one spot on the Health & Safety myths chart. Still it is true that some schools have banned this traditional British pastime. So it’s best to check before you encourage the little ones to pick up horse chestnuts on the way to school. While contacting the school see if they know about Living Streets, as they have a badge scheme for kids called Wow, which could encourage more kids to walk to school.

Incidentally even if they can’t play with conkers in school, you could use them to play catch.

5. Twig Towers

Build a tower of twigs and branches. Build it up everyday. See how high you can make it over a week, a month, maybe even a term?

So there’s five games you can play on the way to school. Do you have any fun activities that you do with the kids when out walking? Let us know in the comments below!


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